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Minnesota Motorcycle Insurance

Are you looking to save money on motorcycle insurance in the state of Minnesota? It doesn't matter whether you live and ride in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul or like to cruise the Minnesota countryside, the one thing every motorcycle rider in the Land of 10,000 Lakes has in common is the need for affordable and reliable motorcycle insurance. understands this need and that is why we offer a fast and easy way to find multiple low-cost motorcycle insurance quotes so you can choose the policy that nest meets your needs and get back on the road where you belong.

Get a Minnesota Motorcycle License

If you live in the great state of Minnesota and want to ride a motorcycle the first thing you need to do is get a Minnesota motorcycle endorsement on your license. To obtain the motorcycle endorsement you must first have a valid Minnesota driver's license. After this you have the opportunity to get a Minnesota motorcycle learner's permit by passing the basic written knowledge test for motorcycles. This allows you to ride a motorcycle in Minnesota with a number of restrictions, including no night riding; no passengers and you must wear a helmet. After you have practiced and feel confident in your riding ability you can then take the road skills test to get your license endorsement with no restrictions.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Minnesota

If you are under the age of 18 and ride in the state of Minnesota or if you currently hold a learners permit you are required to wear a DOT approved motorcycle helmet according to Minnesota Law. All motorcycle riders, however, are required to wear approved eyewear to protect their eyes while riding. Minnesota does make exceptions to both the helmet and eyewear restrictions, however. If you are riding in a state-authorized parade you do not have to wear protective gear regardless of age and riding ability.

Minnesota Insurance Minimum Coverages

Like most other states in the United States, Minnesota requires all motorcycle owners to have a minimum amount of insurance coverage to operate their vehicle legally within the state. The Minnesota minimum coverages include:

Because of the basic economic loss benefit Minnesota drivers are forbidden to sue another driver unless the damages exceed the insurance coverages. If you need a Minnesota motorcycle insurance policy can help. Simply fill out our questionnaire and we will return with multiple low-cost quotes so you can choose the motorcycle insurance policy that best meets your needs.

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