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Iowa Motorcycle Insurance

With flat roadways that stretch for hundreds of miles, beautiful farmlands and larger cities like Davenport and Des Moines, the state of Iowa is a great place for riding your motorcycle. Whether you cruise the highways on a cruiser or sport bike the one thing every motorcycle owner in the state of Iowa needs is a motorcycle insurance policy that meets the state minimum required coverages. understands that finding an affordable and reliable Iowa motorcycle insurance policy is important for all riders and that is why we have made finding insurance coverage in Iowa easier than ever before.

Iowa Motorcycle License

Along with a quality Iowa motorcycle insurance policy, every rider in the state of Iowa has to obtain an Iowa motorcycle license before operating their bike on any Iowa roadways. Fortunately, obtaining a motorcycle license in Iowa is fairly easy. If you currently have an Iowa driver's license all you need to do is pay a $1 charge per year and take both the written exam and road skills test. If you need more time to practice your riding skills, Iowa also offers a motorcycle permit which allows you to ride with other licensed riders and lasts for up to two years.

Iowa Motorcycle Hemet Laws

Plain and simple, the state of Iowa has no helmet laws on the books. After repealing the motorcycle helmet laws in 1976, no rider or passenger in the state is required to wear a helmet while operating a motorcycle. It is important to note, however, that studies have shown that motorcycle helmets greatly reduce the risk of injury or death during an accident. In addition, several states surrounding Iowa do require helmet use for some riders so if you will be traveling outside of the state you should own a motorcycle helmet.

Iowa Motorcycle Insurance Minimums

Though the state of Iowa does not require riders to wear a motorcycle helmet while operating a motorcycle, the one thing it does have in common with other states is that all riders must have motorcycle insurance meeting the state required minimums. Currently in the state of Iowa, every resident driver and rider on the roadways is required to have:

It doesn't matter where you live or what you ride, when you need motorcycle insurance in the state of Iowa or any other state in the country is your online source for fast and easy insurance quotes. Simply fill out our questionnaire and we will search our partner insurance companies for the most affordable Iowa motorcycle insurance quotes which will allow you to choose the policy that best meets your needs and your busget.

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