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Connecticut Motorcycle Insurance

Connecticut Motorcycle Insurance

While the northeastern part of the United States may not offer year round riding opportunities, residents of New England states, including Connecticut, know that what they lose in riding time they more than make up for with the gorgeous scenery the states offer. understands that when riding season hits residents of the Constitution State want to get as much road time as possible. This is why we offer the opportunity to shop for affordable and reliable motorcycle insurance online so you can spend less time shopping for an insurance policy and more time doing what you love - cruising on your favorite motorcycle.

Obtaining a Connecticut Motorcycle License

Whether you want to cruise the state of Connecticut on a full dress cruiser or speed through the state on a turbo-powered sports bike (within the limits of the law, of course) the first thing you will need is a Connecticut motorcycle license. Fortunately, if you are over the age of 16 and currently possess a valid Connecticut driver's license you qualify. All you need to do is pass the vision test and written exam and pay the required fees.

Connecticut Insurance Minimums

Don't be too upset that the state of Connecticut has a minimum amount of motorcycle insurance coverage for riders. The required insurance is for your benefit and is required by almost every other state in the country. For motorcycle owners, the state of Connecticut requires a minimum of 20/40 bodily injury liability coverage and $10,000 in property damage. The 20/40 coverage means that you must have $20,000 in coverage for a single person's injuries and $40,000 to cover the injuries of all parties if you are found to be at fault during an accident.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Connecticut

In the state of Connecticut, whether it's about obtaining a motorcycle license, getting motorcycle insurance or wearing proper safety attire the bottom line is protection. This is why Connecticut motorcycle helmet laws require every rider 18 years of age and younger to wear an approved motorcycle helmet. The state of Connecticut knows that inexperienced riders have a greater risk of getting into an accident and their helmet laws are designed to mirror that fact.

Whether you are an experienced rider looking for a lower rate on your Connecticut motorcycle insurance or a new rider looking to purchase a hot new bike of your own is your online source for the best deals in motorcycle insurance for Connecticut and every other state in the country. To get the lowest insurance rates available simply fill out our questionnaire and then choose from multiple low-cost Connecticut insurance quotes from reputable companies that will be there when you need them the most.

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