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Why Young Male Riders Are At The Greatest Risk


Riding a motorcycle is something that many people want to do because of the freedom they experience when flying down the road with the wind in their hair. However, riding a motorcycle also comes with plenty of risks that can be quite costly in the end. Motorcycles have virtually nothing in the way of safety because they are completely open, leaving the driver totally exposed. As a result, if a biker gets into an accident (75 percent of the time it happens with a passenger vehicle according to the Hurt Report), chances are that they will be seriously injured or even killed in the process. Additionally, if the biker walks away from the accident unscathed, the motorcycle will have likely gotten severely damaged, sometimes rendering it inoperable. This is why motorcycle insurance rate quotes tend to be so high, and more so in the case of young males. Motorcycle insurance is not only mandatory by the state, but also absolutely necessary. Here are reasons young males are charged more for insurance.

Even in passenger vehicles, males, specifically young males, tend to receive higher rates. The reason this is so, particularly in the case of motorcycles, is that men are seen as aggressive drivers. Men take more risks on the road, drive with more frustration and are overall more aggressive. This is even more pertinent to younger men, who often like to "show off" or drive more quickly on the road, especially because many of them don't have families or wives to go home to. Motorcycle insurance rate quotes reflect this fact because insurance companies see them as high risks that they will most likely have to pay out a claim for.

On the same note, young males are seen as having little responsibility, especially when it comes to families and wives. From the insurance company's point of view, someone who is married and/or has children, has others to support and will thus drive more carefully. If, however, they have neither of these things, it is assumed that they will drive recklessly because of the absence of these worries. Insurance companies charge high rates to protect themselves from having to pay out a claim on the younger drivers. These young bikers may end up in more accidents, sustain more injuries and overall cost the insurance company a lot of money.

These are just some of the reasons young males experience high rates when it comes to their motorcycle insurance. They are seen as reckless, more aggressive and fast riders, so insurance companies hike up the insurance rates in case of a claim and eventual pay out. At 25, those rates should start to decrease and become more reasonable.

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