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Why You Should Understand State Motorcycle Insurance Law


Motorcycle insurance law is largely regulated by the state. For this reason, drivers of motorcycles have to be certain that the required coverage for such vehicles is held at all times. It is important to understand the state motorcycle insurance laws for a number of reasons.

Knowing the property damage liability for the state is important because inadequate coverage could result in high out-of-pocket fees. If the motorcycle driver lives in an at-fault state, and is determined to be the reason why the accident occurred, he or she will bear the bulk of responsibility for the costs. The damages a person may be responsible for will include residential and other property tied to an accident. In understanding the state motorcycle coverage laws, the person is best prepared to select the right type of liability coverage.

There are also medical costs to consider where motorcycle insurance law is concerned. States may fall into a threshold category. Some claims are required to meet a certain dollar threshold for medical costs in order to be valid. There may be a requirement that the extent of injuries for an individual be classified as severe. A lot of the claims process is determined by the state motorcycle insurance law and the fault laws of a state. Since medical costs tied to an accident can be affected by certain monetary thresholds, learning the different aspects of motorcycle state law will prepare the consumer. States like North Carolina and Massachusetts are examples states with threshold requirements in place.

The type of motorcycle vehicle being insured is another factor the consumer should consider. Different types of motorcycle vehicles may be classified as off-road or standard vehicles depending on the state. Since these intricate motorcycle laws are determined by the state, so it is possible to have an ATV that requires a certain level of coverage. State-owned properties may restrict the use of certain types of bikes without the correct coverage in place. Understanding just how state motorcycle insurance laws treats a specific type of bike is important when evaluating coverage.

Protective gear considerations are another aspect of motorcycle state coverage law that can vary from state to state. For example, coverage amounts can exclude some drivers from having to wear protective gear. This is the case in Florida, which allows individuals to drive without protective gear if the plan is valued at a minimum of $10,000 for medical expenses. Protective gear requirements and motorcycle insurance coverage are determined by the state.

The laws governing motorcycle use vary from state to state. Having the correct type of coverage and understanding of state motorcycle insurance law ensures that adequate protection is in place at all times.

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