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Why The Right Motorcycle Gear Can Lower Insurance Rates


Motorcycle insurance is expensive. It comes with the territory. Because motorcycles are considered dangerous, motorcycle insurance will always be more expensive than car insurance. However, there are certain items that riders can buy that will drastically reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance. Choosing the right motorcycle insurance policy, and buying the right gear, is the best way to find affordable insurance quotes.

First and foremost, when purchasing motorcycle insurance, you want to make sure that you are dealing with an insurance company that has a long history of insuring motorcyclists. Motorcycle-specific insurance companies tend to give better rates than other companies branching out into the motorcycle insurance game. An experienced motorcycle insurance company is usually your best bet to secure a fair motorcycle insurance policy.

The size of your bike will also affect the size of your premium. Typically, less powerful bikes attract smaller rates. For insurance companies, a fast bike is a dangerous bike. There are some bikes that many large insurance companies will not even think about insuring. These bikes are street legal, but insurance companies consider them too much of a liability, and will not provide coverage. If you do not want to sacrifice power for low premiums, then motorbike specific insurance companies are your best bet.

Another easy way to lower your insurance premium on your motorcycle is to buy a security system. Motorcycle theft is a major problem for insurance companies. A motorcycle security system will drastically lower your insurance rates. There are several types of security systems that you can install on your bike and most cost only a few hundred dollars.

Keeping your bike in a garage or shed will also lower insurance costs. If an insurance company knows that your bike is inside they know it will be protected from the elements and be less susceptible to theft.

Helmet laws also eventually affect insurance costs. States with helmet laws usually have lower insurance premiums than states without helmet laws. Unfortunately, if your state does not have a helmet law, you will not be able to lower your rates by wearing a helmet, since it is difficult to prove that you always wear a helmet.

Security systems and indoor parking are the only items you can buy that will really affect your premium. Aside from a security system and parking spot, the best way to keep costs low is to buy motorcycle specific insurance policies and, if possible, buy a slightly smaller bike. As with car insurance, a clean driving record, and no criminal record, will keep insurance rates low. Additionally, avoiding speeding tickets and moving violations will help keep costs down.

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