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Why Motorcycle Insurance Quotes May Rise In 2012


Owning a motorcycle is probably one of the most exciting aspects of a person's life, and riding in one is probably the most exhilarating experiences you can ever have. There is a certain freedom that comes from hopping on a motorcycle and heading out toward the open road. There isn't much in your way and you have the freedom to move about the lanes as you please. On top of all this, motorcycles tend to be a lot more affordable than cars, even for the newer models. Even insurance is more affordable for a motorcycle than for a car since there is less vehicle to cover. However, there are portions of the insurance policy that can make your premium a lot higher. Some bikers may notice that motorcycle insurance quotes will begin to rise in 2012. There are a few reasons why motorbike insurance rates are going to climb that you should know about before getting a new bike or hopping on your current bike next year.

What Will Change in 2012?

There isn't much that will change except the motorbike insurance rates for most drivers. There are only limited laws that have been passed with regard to motorcycle riders, so it's not really the laws that are affecting the changes. Motorcycle insurance quotes will be a little higher, but that just goes along with the trend in the insurance market. But there are a couple laws that some states are adopting that limit what you can do on your bike. These laws are meant to protect not only the motorcycle driver and all drivers on the road, but the insurance companies as well.

Some of these laws may have been instituted in some states but not others. For example, altering your engine or any part of your bike will ultimately raise your motorbike insurance rates since the bike will be more powerful and therefore more dangerous on the road. Also, lending other riders any type of equipment that will be used for the taking, or damaging of another person's bike will also be illegal. These types of laws ultimately affect the cost of your insurance premium. This same law applies to individuals who feel the need to take or drive another person's bike without their permission.

Another law that will affect motorcycle insurance quotes is the one that requires riders under 21 to take an approved motorcycle safety course. This is the first time this has been implemented but will help save lives. As a result, those who do not take the test will have much higher rates than those who do. It's important to stay on top of laws affecting rates.

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