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Why Motorcycle Insurance Quotes Cost More For Young Riders


Young riders tend to be given a higher motorcycle insurance quote based on several factors. A rider's age tells an insurance company quite a bit about the way that rider will behave on the street. Not all of the assumptions that go into a motorcycle insurance quote will apply to all young riders, but an insurance company has to look at overall trends when assigning a quote.

Less Experience

The main reason it is more expensive to insure young riders is that they have less experience than older riders. An older rider has had the opportunity to deal with many different kinds of road situations and can call on that experience to avoid accidents in the future. Younger riders will be faced with new problems that they have never dealt with before, so they may not always choose the best response when they are in the middle of an unexpected situation. When a rider has more experience, they can recognize potential problems and avoid them.

Fewer Inhibitions

Younger riders also tend to be more reckless than older riders. The thrill of riding at high speeds on a motorcycle can cause a young rider to take risks that an older rider would avoid. Young riders also tend to ride without as much protective gear on, which can lead to much more severe injuries in the case of an accident. Older riders have usually been through some painful scrapes and like to avoid riding in ways that could cause them to be hurt again. Many younger riders need to get banged up a little before they slow down and ride more cautiously.

Research Statistics

Insurance companies do not assign more expensive motorcycle quotes based on assumptions. They spend a lot of time and effort compiling current data regarding motorcycle accidents and injuries. Most of the data shows that young riders are involved in more accidents. The insurance company must charge higher rates for riders who fall into categories that have shown a higher risk of filing claims. Young riders as a group make the highest number of claims compared to any other category, so they are charged the highest rates.

Older Motorcycles

The equipment that is generally available to younger riders is also part of the reason that they pay more for insurance. A young rider cannot always afford a brand new bike. The older bikes that young riders can afford are more likely to break down or have problems that could lead to an increased rate of insurance claims. As riders get older, they usually have more access to the funds that will allow them to purchase newer bikes that are in better overall condition and will be safer.

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