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Why Motorbike Insurance Quotes Are Higher For Some Well Known Brands


Online motorcycle insurance quotes have become by far the most preferred method for consumers owning motorbikes to seek out information on policies and prices. The Internet has, in fact, single-handedly changed the way insurance is being bought and sold, much to the benefit of consumers everywhere. The big four motorcycle brands, all Japanese, have become sensitive to recent changes in the motorcycle insurance industry as well as changes in the way local jurisdictions have been viewing the proliferation of ultra-powerful, ultra-fast two-wheeled "pocket rockets" rolling off the assembly lines.

Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki have been locked in a deadly competition for years to see which manufacturer could produce the fastest machines, both on the road and on the racetrack. They have also concentrated significant research and development efforts to off-road racers, most notably motocross machines, all trying to claim the top prize as the best in the business.

Meanwhile, excessive speed continues to claim the lives of thousands who are unable to successfully negotiate the power and performance these two-wheeled speed bullets are able to provide. As risk increases, so does the cost reflected in those motorcycle insurance quotes. Insurance underwriters are pretty good at assessing the risks associated with a young inexperienced rider on the back of a machine capable of traveling 150 MPH or more, regardless of the specific motorcycle brands involved.

All of the big four motorcycle brands make models capable of reaching insanely high speeds. It has recently gotten to the point where current technology has allowed them to create machines that are so fast that they became concerned that some of their motorcycles might actually be banned in certain areas. At that point, a decision and agreement was made to "throttle back" in the race to make these machines faster and faster, ad infinitum. This decision was more financial than safety-oriented.

Young riders may be surprised when cost comparison shopping motorcycle insurance quotes to learn that the monthly payments on a policy may exceed the monthly payments on the bike itself. This is especially true if the motorcycle is new and powerful. In response to these high insurance rates, it may be worthwhile for said rider to consider purchasing a bike that's not so big, not so new, and not so dangerous. A reliable insurance company representative selling motorcycle coverage can help with information regarding which motorcycle brands, models, and sizes are less expensive to insure.

Joining a recognized motorcycle rider group can also bring lower motorcycle insurance quotes, as can attending a rider defensive driving course and, for students, maintaining a high grade point average. Insurance companies are primarily concerned with risk levels. If perceived risks are lower, lower premiums will follow.

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