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Motorcycle insurance costs have skyrocketed over the last few years. The need for a better motorcycle insurance policy has prompted many to search for motorcycle insurance quotes online in the hopes of finding a better rate. Most of the time searching for a better rate online is the best way to get the great prices; but there are times when a call to your local insurance agent may actually work in your favor. This article will take a closer look at motorcycle insurance and when it may be time to deal with an agent for a new policy.

Motorcycle insurance costs are expensive, mainly because motorcycles are dangerous. Even the best rider in the world knows and understands the adage "it is not if you go down, but when and how hard." Therefore, every motorcycle owner understands the need for insurance. What many do not understand, however, is the different types of policies and the actual motorcycle insurance costs.

Most states have adopted a motorcycle insurance minimum standard. Without this basic coverage you will not be able to register and ride your bike. But since these minimums were created by car drivers not bike riders, are they enough? Motorcycles have a completely different set of needs from a car.

Did you know a motorcycle does not fall under the no-fault insurance laws? A motorcycle is not considered a vehicle by the no-fault laws, so in states with no-fault insurance regulations, neither you nor your passenger are covered. That is not good if you are involved in an accident. It means your medical bills and those of any passenger who is with you are not covered. The solution is, of course, to opt for personal injury coverage and guest rider liability insurance.

Along with the issues discussed above, there may be other things an agent will be able to point out to you. So while searching for motorcycle insurance quotes, even though online may be cheaper you may still want to speak with an agent first for advice, and to double-check the nuances of motorcycle insurance costs and what is and is not covered under a basic policy.

Motorcycles offer many advantages to their riders as long as their riders are protected. To make sure your motorcycle insurance costs are the lowest and for the best coverage seek motorcycle insurance quotes from an agent first.

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