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When To Pay Extra For Optional Motorcycle Insurance Coverage


Motorcycle insurance coverage, similar to coverage written for trucks and cars, includes both mandatory as well as optional portions available in each policy. The mandatory sections include liability protection from being at fault and creating a loss to a third party, either in the form of bodily injury or property damage. Laws in nearly every state mandate this liability coverage and proof of insurance is typically required in order to register any type of motor vehicle to be operated on public roadways. For motorbikes, optional motorbike insurance above and beyond the required basic liability coverage should be seriously considered by every rider for a variety of reasons.

To an insurance company, a motorcycle rider is a high-risk client. The reality of this is borne out by the statistics which show a motorcyclist much more likely to suffer injuries in an accident than someone driving a car or truck. Even minor collisions on a bike can be devastating as motorcycles offer little protection and do not typically fare well when involved in an accident with a much larger and heavier vehicle. Add to this the fact that motorbikes are often driven fast, are inherently unstable and motorcyclists themselves are often seen to be risk takers in some respects. This, of course, is a generalization but the statistics don't lie. When you drive a bike your chances of being involved in an accident are several times higher than when you drive a car.

Optional motorcycle insurance coverage includes collision protection, personal injury protection (PIP) and comprehensive coverage, among others. These are the three options most commonly carried and ma all be worth considering when shopping for motorbike insurance. All three are designed to pay benefits to the policyholder, as opposed to liability coverage, which pays for losses suffered only by third parties. Collision pays to have your bike fixed if involved in a collision. Comprehensive pays to have your bike fixed or replaced if damaged in a non-collision incident such as a fire or an act of vandalism. It also covers your motorcycle if it is stolen.

PIP pays for medical costs if you are injured in an accident, but typically kicks in only after your personal medical and hospitalization coverage is exhausted. If you have good medical coverage already in place you may not need to add the PIP option to your motorbike insurance.

If your bike is being financed, the company holding the contract will probably require that your motorcycle insurance coverage include collision and comprehensive protection. Even if you own your bike, these optional coverages are probably a good idea. If your bike gets stolen, for example, would you be able to replace it from your own funds?

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