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When Motorcycle Accidents Are Most Common


Driving a motorcycle can offer some of the most thrilling motor vehicle experiences of a lifetime, as the countryside zooms by and the world simply feels more real, more connected. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle can also pose a number of hazards, most notably severe damage or injury suffered as the result of a motorcycle accident. Due to the size of most motorbikes, combined with the fact that the rider is far more exposed on a bike than in a car, motorcycle accidents are more common than car accidents, and typically result in higher rates for motorcycle insurance. Although motorbike accidents can happen at anytime of the year and in any location, there are several situations that lead to a higher incidence of these accidents, and knowing what to avoid can help keep a rider safe and premiums as low as possible.

The most common time for motorcycle accidents is during inclement weather, especially heavy rains or snow. Most cyclists take their bikes off of the road during the winter months, but there can be unexpected weather patterns that catch a rider off-guard or weather reports that do not prove to be accurate. As well, weather can influence road conditions even after the storm itself has passed over, for example by washing out a roadway or causing portions of the road to become slippery. For car or truck drivers, this weather is often a minor inconvenience, but for a rider, especially an inexperienced one or one not expecting the conditions, they can lead to a motorcycle accident which can range from a simple slide resulting in minor damage to a full-on flip or fall into a ditch or onto the road surface itself. This can result in serious damage to the motorbike, and can mean at the very least bumps and bruises for the rider, if not broken bones or a trip to the hospital.

Another common time for motorcycle accidents is during heavy traffic periods in an urban center. Drivers that are trying to get to a destination as quickly as possible amidst gridlock will often fail to notice motorcycle riders, and can easily cut them off or crash directly into them. This predicament is often made worse if riders do not use their signal lights or give traffic a chance to move out of their way. Even a slow-speed accident with a moving vehicle can mean serious trouble for bike and rider alike.

Due to the higher incident rate of accidents, motorcycle insurance is more expensive than comparable car insurance, but the number of accidents which occur, and therefore the expense of the premium, can be mitigated if riders know what to avoid and when accidents are most common.

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