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What Types Of Insurance To Leave On Your Motorcycle In Winter


Many motorcycle owners don't take their bikes out in the winter. In certain parts of the country, it's too much of a risk, and riding can be both dangerous and uncomfortable. This is particularly true in the Midwest, where many motorcycle riders buy different amounts of winter insurance for their bikes than what they'd buy in the summer. This makes sense, as motorcycle insurance is a major expense, and even if a rider is fortunate enough to see a low motorcycle insurance quote, it's not very logical to keep a motorcycle fully covered when it's sitting in a garage. However, if you decide to lower the amount of motorcycle insurance coverage that you pay for in the winter, it's a good idea to think carefully about which coverage types to leave on the bike to keep it protected.

Many insurance companies will prevent you from buying less than the minimum amounts of motorcycle insurance coverage in your state, but check to see whether your insurer allows this practice if you're not riding your motorcycle. They may offer seasonal insurance which strips away liability coverage, personal injury protection, and collision insurance-all of which is unnecessary when a bike is just sitting in your garage. You'll pay far less when these types of coverage are off of your policy, but you won't be able to ride your bike legally. If you're planning on riding your motorcycle at all during the winter, even around the block, you should pay for the minimum coverage levels in your state and maybe a bit of extra personal injury protection coverage.

You should always keep comprehensive coverage on your motorcycle, as this is a very important type of winter insurance. Comprehensive coverage will pay for damages to your bike caused by natural disasters, vandalism, and theft. Remember, a bolt of lightning or a falling tree could destroy your bike in a few seconds, so it's best to keep your comprehensive coverage intact, even during the winter months. If you're buying your motorcycle through a loan, you may not have a choice: most banks will require that a motorcycle owner keep comprehensive coverage on a bike, regardless of whether or not it's being actively used.

When you look for a motorcycle insurance quote, it can be helpful to ask insurance agents for their advice about winter insurance and winter riding. Many insurers have special programs for bikers who ride exclusively in the summer. Deciding how to handle your winter motorcycle insurance needs will make it much easier to choose insurance that protects your bike without draining your wallet each winter.

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