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What To Consider Before Decreasing Motorcycle Insurance Coverage


Finding the right motorcycle insurance quite often depends on which bike you choose to purchase. Insurance companies write different policies for each kind of rider. They largely base their underwriting decisions based on which motorcycle is to be covered. Obviously, a sport bike is going to draw higher insurance premiums than will a cruiser. Your driving record, as always, plays a big role in how much your insurance coverage will cost. Decreasing bike insurance premiums can be done, but it requires you keep your insurer advised about every aspect of your lower cost search.

Don't be foolish and attempt to get by without staying insured. Motorcycle insurance is an essential item and can save you much grief if the unexpected happens. Notify your insurance company if you believe you're entitled to lower premiums. Inquire about any discounts the company might have that could aid in your decreasing bike insurance efforts. Older motorcycle riders generally qualify for lower premiums. Be truthful about your age when applying for any driving policy. Get caught in a lie and expect your policy to be suspended for good.

Insurers can offer discounts based on your sustained good driving record. They also like to see policyholders become "experienced" riders by enrolling in motorcycle safety courses. Those same courses might also help diminish the stigma created by any black marks on your driving record. Your proven skill as a driver can be a deciding factor in getting lower rates. Going for years without filing a damage claim will also work in your favor. Insurers can offer substantial discounts based on that clean history.

Another way to lower your motorcycle insurance involves your personal finances. Are you able to absorb more of the costs it would take to repair your bike? If so, inquire about accepting a higher deductible. That will lower your premium rates. Also, inform the insurance company about your driving patterns. Taking public transportation to and from work, and leaving your bike at home, can be enough to attract a limited discount. Insurers will also present discounts based on how a bike is stored. A securely housed motorcycle is less prone to theft. If a garage or shed isn't available, use a heavy chain and lock to protect your bike from thieves.

Getting the lowest cost motorcycle insurance actually begins when you decide to become a rider. From that time on, your premiums can go up or down, depending on your ongoing driving record. Take the time to periodically check the rates offered by different insurers. Go online to find out how your current coverage compares to other offers. You may find you're paying too much, or just the right amount.

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