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Ways For Motorcycle Owners To Pay Less By Riding Safer


Auto insurance can be an absolute nightmare for ordinary drivers; however, motorcycle owners have it even worse. Insurance rates are always increasing, due to increased risk, inflation and corporate greed, which make it very difficult to find affordable insurance. Unlike health insurance, which a number of Americans choose to simply forego, auto insurance is mandatory by law, which means that there is no way of escaping mounting bills. However, taking a few precautions-like riding safer, can mean a substantial reduction on monthly insurance payments.

Why do motorcycle owners have it the worst? The answer is that every insurance company gives an insurance quote based upon the risk factor, or how likely it seems that the insured will get into an accident and make a claim. While a 30 year old woman in a minivan might have a relatively low chance of getting into an accident, the chances that a 21 year old, adrenaline junkie motorcycle rider will have an accident are statistically very high. Insurance companies see motorcycles as one of the highest risk vehicles on the road, especially sports and racer bikes.

However, there are several ways for a motorcyclist to get his insurance premium significantly reduced. The first and most important thing that is needed is a good traffic record. Even slight violations such as parking infractions or broken taillights are a strike against a biker, as they indicate that the biker is careless. So it is a good idea to make as much as an effort as possible to pay attention to even the most seemingly insignificant traffic laws.

An excellent idea to both educate a driver and make a favorable impression on an insurance company is to take part in a road safety program. These programs are simple and give valuable tips and warnings that can come in handy even for seasoned bikers. New bikers will find these programs extremely useful in both riding safer and avoiding problems with the traffic police.

Those who already have a few points on their driver's license do not have too much to worry about since there are ways to reduce points. The Point and Insurance Reduction Program is the best method to reduce up to 4 points from a driver's license. This DMV approved program is available in many different states and consists of only around 6 hours' worth of classes, some of which can be completed over the Internet. After passing, the driver is eligible for a minimum 10% discount on the base rate of the premiums. Taking part in these programs and making an effort to drive safely is guaranteed to reduce insurance premiums and will make motorcycle riding a much safer experience.

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