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Using Motorcycle Insurance Quotes To Budget For A New Bike


In a hobby as exhilarating as bike riding, nothing beats upgrading to a bigger, better, faster motorcycle. If you are planning to buy a new motorcycle, you have probably picked out a few models in your price range. Once you have budgeted for purchasing a new bike, it is important to factor in motorcycle insurance costs. When generating motorcycle insurance quotes, underwriters and insurance companies consider the make and model, as well as who is driving and why they are riding a motorcycle.

Motorcycles have a reputation for being dangerous when used to execute reckless maneuvers. When calculating motorcycle insurance costs, companies understand the majority of motorcycle operators drive safely and obey traffic rules. Although cars are equally responsible for motor vehicle accidents, insurance rates for sports bikes and high-powered motorcycles are higher than entry-level models and bikes manufactured by value brands. When purchasing a new motorcycle with significant speed and engine upgrades, you can expect motorcycle insurance quotes to reflect an increase in premiums. Alternatively, plan to buy a lightweight motorcycle for daily commuting to keep insurance rates affordable.

While top of the line touring bikes are intended for leisurely road trips, the cost of replacement parts and the weight of the bike mean comprehensive motorcycle insurance rates are higher for luxury motorcycles, customized bikes, and fully equipped models. The cost of replacement parts is one of the key factors affecting insurance premiums for motorcycles. Antique motorcycles, custom choppers and one-of-a-kind motorcycles are more expensive to insure than standard motorcycles because replacement parts are costly and difficult to find.

Roadside assistance and secondary coverage benefits also affect motorcycle costs. However, the expense of adding roadside assistance and supplemental benefits is minimal compared the cost for roadside repairs or towing. Applying for motorcycle insurance quotes is the easiest way to obtain a detailed analysis of insurance costs for the make and model motorcycle that you plan to purchase. In many cases, motorcycle insurance providers offer special discounts to retried policyholders and mature riders with a clean driving record.

Filling out an online quote is the fastest way to get an accurate assessment of motorcycle insurance costs. By entering your age, state of residence and motorcycle specs, you can obtain a detailed quote with a summary of coverage benefits, premium costs and available discounts. Motorcycle insurance costs can be discounted by 10 percent if you are retired or have more than one motorcycle insured with the same company. As a rule of thumb, the larger and more powerful the motorcycle, the higher your insurance costs will be. With online motorcycle insurance quotes, you can get an accurate assessment of insurance costs before you commit to buying a new bike.

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