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Understanding When Motorcycle Insurance Quotes Are Cheaper


As many riders know, the best way to get lower motorcycle insurance quotes is to simply look at low quotes, and determine what makes them less of a risk from an insurance company's viewpoint. Every motorcycle owner wants to find cheap motorcycle insurance rates, and with the right mindset, it's easy to get the cheapest possible premiums for your bike--without letting go of any of the coverage that keeps you protected while you're on the road. Review these tips before making your next insurance decision.

Every motorcycle insurance company starts by looking at a driver's record, and if you've had a claim or two or even a speeding ticket, your motorcycle insurance quotes will be fairly high. To an insurer, any previous incident is a good indication that you'll be involved in another claim down the road, and claims cost them money. The best quotes go to riders that stay out of trouble, but you're not out of luck if you've had a minor claim or two. Look into motorcycle safety courses. These will have a huge impact on your rates, much more than similar courses would have on a car's rates. Insurance companies are most apprehensive about inexperienced riders, so if you can prove that you've been on the road for a while or that you're serious about your own safety, you can find a cheap quote.

The bike that you ride also affects your rates. Newer, more expensive bikes constitute a bigger risk for insurers, as do poorly maintained vehicles. Keep your maintenance records--they could come in handy if you need to negotiate with an insurance agent for lower motorcycle insurance rates. You should also take insurance into consideration when you buy a bike. If you're a new rider, you might even spend a year or two on something below the 1000cc threshold, as these less powerful bikes will help you build a good record and they'll cost much less to insure.

The coverage that you buy also affects your rate, but you don't want to sacrifice coverage, particularly on a motorcycle. Be sure to compare motorcycle insurance policies from several different companies before buying, and talk to agents to understand what you'll need in the way of insurance if you're ever involved in an accident. As medical coverage can sometimes be a big part of insurance expenses, you should invest in high-quality riding gear, and consider getting coverage on your gear, too. Motorcycle insurance companies will look at everything, but you can use this to your advantage; by taking steps to stay safe and drive a safe bike, you'll greatly reduce your premiums and keep your motorcycle (or other bike) affordable.

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