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Understanding The Difference Between Motorcycle And Car Laws


Motorcycle or car? For most, it isn't really a question of which type of vehicle to drive. That's the easy part. The tricky part is understanding the difference between motorcycle and car laws in order to maintain a friendly auto insurance or motorcycle insurance rate.

Before hopping on the road and making that first stop, drivers of either vehicle type are required to have a license. Yes, your license basically says that you are well-educated on how to operate the vehicle you're driving to the point of certification. If you're caught driving without a license or with an invalid license, you may possibly get thrown in jail, written a ticket, have your vehicle impounded and/ be obligated to show up in court depending on which state you are in. Note to mention: when a traffic ticket is involved, expect your auto/motorcycle insurance rate to increase! Sound exciting?

Well, sailing through empty highways and riding into the sunset with the wind flapping your shirt may sound more titillating. But it isn't any fun when a cop pulls you over for one reason or the other. For instance, most states excluding Iowa, Illinois, and New Hampshire, are concerned about helmet safety. In order to avoid a traffic citation, make sure to wear a helmet in the states that require you to.

As far as auto safety laws go, you simply have to make sure that all the passengers within the vehicle have a seatbelt on. And what happens when you're riding through a state with strict vehicle laws, such as Texas, without a safety belt? You get a ticket on a mere piece of receipt paper that you would be so inclined to crumple, yet must keep for your records. With that comes a financial burden of an increased auto insurance rate.

Where some state laws require you to drive with your motorcycle headlights on during the day or your auto headlights on at sunset, speeding tickets are a heftier reason for a cop to pull you over. As expected, your auto/motorcycle insurance rate would grow bean-stalk high with that. Moreover, if you get in an auto-accident, everyone in Heaven would know about it since your auto/motorcycle insurance rate would get that high as well. That would also be the case for not signaling, acquiring a periodic safety inspection, registering your vehicle or making sure that you reinstalled that side mirror that Aunt Betsy busted.

In a nutshell, there are sky-shooting auto/motorcycle insurance rates that are the results of severing the law. Hence, it is best to familiarize yourself with the motorcycle or car laws in your state before hitting the road in order to have a friendlier auto/motorcycle insurance rate.

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