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Are Different Types Of Motorbikes More Expensive To Insure


There is nothing like hitting the open road on a clear, temperate day with the wind in your face and your leather-gloved hands gripping the handlebars of your motorcycle. It feels great if you have been planning to purchase a bike and this is your first ride on your dream machine. One of the things you need to consider when choosing the model you buy is the cost of motorcycle insurance. Bikes with larger engines and higher horsepower are more expensive to insure. Be prepared, for example that if you buy a high-end Harley it will not be a cheap ride. If you own an insanely expensive bike built with exotic materials such as titanium and carbon you will be nervous about even getting a scratch on it.

In general, motorcycle coverage can be costly because it is easier to steal a bike vehicle than a truck or car. Valuable items stored in saddle bags are more accessible for thieves than items locked in the trunk of an automobile. Unless you have an old one that is not worth much, you are wise to insure your bike for the replacement cost. Most motorcycle owners at least have liability to cover the potential for being involved in an accident where another driver or passenger is injured. The cost will go up accordingly if you add collision and comprehensive.

A few other things to keep in mind when you are looking for a motorcycle insurance quote are the variances in costs. The fees change from state to state and increase if you live in high risk urban areas where there is a greater likelihood of theft and vandalism. It will cost more if you have a bad driving record already, if you are a young driver, the amount of your deductible or if this is your first motorcycle.

The motorcycle insurance premium you pay may seem disproportionate to the amount you pay for your automobile but there is good reason for this. Even in a minor accident such as dropping your bike on a tight corner, there is usually significant damage. Repairing expensive bikes outfitted with computer systems and other luxury accoutrements is more costly than fixing a minor ding in a fender. A plain bike with a smaller engine is less complicated to repair and equates to a lower risk for the insurance company in terms of the cost for replacement parts. Shop around for a company that wants your business. If you have a passion for riding, workable motorcycle insurance is available. Go for the Aprilia or the MV-Augusta if you really want it - just make sure you have enough money left over to pay for the insurance.

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