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Two Motorbike Modifications That Can Negatively Affect Insurance Rates


For decades, motorcycles have been iconic of speed, danger and mystery. Featured in film, print and television they remain a classic symbol of rebellious youth and untamed spirits. Motorcycle riders live for the thrill of the exhilarating speed and the stimulating sense of danger that is harnessed within their powerful machines. It is no secret that motorcycle riders have a yearning for danger and extreme speeds and in many instances the natural power and danger of a motorcycle's factory produced condition may not even be enough to satisfy that yearning.

In such cases, the intrepid motorcycle rider may seek out ways to make their motorcycle even more powerful and dangerous. One of the most popular ways of increasing the speed and power of a motorcycle is to remove the factory produced exhaust system. The exhaust systems which come on stock motorcycles are heavy and cumbersome. They can be replaced with lighter after market exhaust systems which significantly increase the performance and speed of the bike. However, the after market exhaust systems are considerably more noisy and can lead to complaints from the general public. Also, the after market exhaust systems are much more dangerous which can lead to a spike in the rider's motorcycle insurance policy. Insurance companies are wary of any motorbike modifications which can lead to the motorcycle becoming more likely to crash which would in turn force the insurance company to pay out on the insurance policy.

Possibly due to the high number of motorcycle accidents, manufacturers and developers have begun to engineer computer controlled fuel injection systems which govern the maximum speed that the bike can reach, hoping to make the bike safer. Of course, a persistent and possibly unwise rider can override this function given the proper equipment and instructions. This is certainly one of the more dangerous motorbike modifications to make and also requires a significant skill level at the mechanical process. There are certain bike shops which will perform the complicated bike surgery but they most likely won't advertise this capability. And of course, this modification would have to be disclosed to the company carrying the owner's motorcycle insurance policy which would then negatively affect the premium.

Because the insurance company is more likely to have to pay out on a policy covering a bike which has been subjected to after market modifications in the event of a crash, this increased chance is reflected by raising the monthly rate of the premium. While it may be tempting to increase power and speed of the engine, the increased danger and cost may not be worth it. Think about these factors before tinkering with your prized bike.

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