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Tips For Finding Motorcycle Insurance Quotes For New Suzuki Bikes


Shopping for motorcycle insurance quotes can be disheartening when seeing what the monthly premiums are. There are a number of tips to get quotes down for new Suzuki bikes. A casual motorcycle rider may even be able to negotiate terms for an affordable policy based upon how often the bike will be ridden.

Many people who are purchasing new Suzuki bikes also have another form of transportation. The bikes are being used on the weekends. Therefore, it may be necessary to consider getting creative when it comes to getting motorcycle insurance quotes. One shouldn't have to pay for full coverage if the bike isn't being driven as often as other bikes on the road.

Insurance companies will often limit a person's driving of a motorcycle in exchange for lowering the premium. Therefore a person's policy only covers them for a certain number of miles per year or only on the weekend as opposed to during the week. A casual motorcycle rider can therefore afford the monthly premium on the motorcycle while keeping it street legal at the same time.

Comparing insurance quotes is also important. There are hundreds of companies out there that offer motorcycle insurance and many of them can be light years away from each other in price. Doing a comparison of three to four companies will give an indication of what the highs and lows of the market are. There are websites that will provide a comparison of multiple companies with just one search.

Another way to find insurance quotes for new bikes is by getting the help of an insurance broker. An insurance broker will look at a person's individual situation and use their knowledge of the insurance industry to provide the best companies to look at. A policyholder won't have to do any of the research themselves; the broker will simply provide a list of companies with coverage and quotes to choose from.

New Suzuki bikes must be insured all year round if they are being financed. If they have already been paid for, however, it may be possible to get a waiver based upon when they will be driven. If the bike won't be driven in the winter, there are insurance companies who will limit the coverage to keep the policy affordable - as long as the bike isn't being driven.

There are many other tips to getting quotes and they all revolve around looking at more than one company and exploring options within the coverage. Raising deductibles will help keep premiums low while going through driving school can also help lower the premium by showing that a person has been trained to drive the motorcycle properly.

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