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Three Ways That The Size Of Bike You Drive Can Cost You More On Your Motorcycle Insurance


Everyone loves the image of a motorcycle speeding down an empty highway, evoking thoughts of freedom, rebellion and independence. Motorcycles have been synonymous with many celebrity figures in film, literature and print. Part of the allure of the motorcycle's mystique is its power, speed and inevitable danger. Much of the thrill that motorcycle riders experience is based on the knowledge that they are dancing a very dangerous tango with death.

However, the ultimate goal of the thrill is certainly not death and to this purpose, many motorcycle riders try to maintain a certain level of safety in their riding. They take necessary precautions, wear protective gear and try to follow the safety standards and regulations that will hopefully protect them. A wise motorcycle rider will also invest in a motorcycle insurance policy, in the unfortunate for event that an unfortunate accident does occur and damage should be caused to the motorcycle or other individuals and their property.

Insurance companies are appreciative of the business provided to them by motorcycle riding clients but they are undeniably in the business as a capitalistic venture with the main goal of making a monetary profit. For this reason, insurance companies have a number of factors that they will consider before formulating the price of an insurance premium. Because certain types of motorcycles are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents, causing the insurance company to have to pay out on the policy, the insurance company may charge more per month to the driver, trying to offset what they see as an ultimately higher cost to the insurance company itself.

One of the first factors an insurance company will inspect in the formulation of a new motorcycle insurance policy is the motorbike size. How large or relatively small a motorcycle is can drastically affect its statistical odds of being involved in an accident. Just as certain colors are more or less noticeable can cause an increase or decrease in accident ratios, the motorbike size can also determine its odds of being in an accident. A smaller motorcycle has less protection to the rider. It also has capabilities of greater speed and more control in the handling which could lead to a driver taking unnecessarily dangerous risks. Larger motorcycles have larger engines giving them more power and speed which can also lead to drivers taking unnecessary risks. Smaller motorcycles can be less noticeable to vehicles sharing the road which can lead to them being unseen and involved in accidents.

Insurance companies take all of these factors into consideration before changing costs in insurance premiums. It seems that in this instance, size does matter.

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