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Three Tips When You Are in A Motorcycle Accident


To enthusiasts, motorcycle fun is unparalleled. Speeding down the highway or leisurely driving down a country road is more satisfying knowing you're insured should an accident occur. Due to their smaller size, motorcycles can be missed by cars and an accident can occur before both parties even realize it. The lack of physical protection on a motorcycle contributes to the reports of high fatalities. However, the mental toll of dealing with the consequences can be even more problematic. From injury assessment to calling your motorcycle insurance provider, knowing the steps to take in the event of a motorcycle accident is vital to surviving the aftermath.

The first thing to remember in a motorcycle accident is to remain calm. The jolt from the collision can send adrenaline and emotions sky high. No matter the seriousness of the accident, an unprotected motorcycle driver is immediately in trouble in the event of a collision. Staying calm is essential to getting driver and vehicle information, assessing the damage, and notifying the proper authorities.

As soon as injuries are evaluated, call for help. A motorcycle lying on the road can be hard to spot for other drivers and easily cause an additional accident. The quicker help arrives the sooner emergency crews can aid the injured and get the accident cleared. Be prepared to provide information such as personal contact numbers, driver's license, insurance, vehicle registration number, and an explanation of events. Determining fault is the first goal of an investigation and an investigator will try to establish the chain of events.

Notify your motorcycle insurance provider as soon as possible. Quick notification of accidents expedites the claims process, which in turn gets your motorcycle repaired or replaced sooner and you back on the road.

Equally important to knowing how to handle a motorcycle accident is knowing how to keep yourself out of one. Motorcycle safety is critical and should never be compromised. Specially made protective gear for motorcycle riders such as helmets, jackets and pants greatly reduces the severity of injury. Proper preparation helps drivers practice safe and defensive driving techniques while on the road with larger vehicles. Finally, make sure your insurance policy covers motorcycles. The basic mistake of not having proper motorcycle coverage can cause you to lose your driving privileges and increase the cost of repairs.

As fantastic as the adrenaline rush feels when you're riding your motorcycle, safety and precaution should always be practiced. Using the proper equipment and educating yourself before hitting the road is crucial to minimizing the problems that arise from a motorcycle accident. With proper protection a rider can safely enjoy the road.

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