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Three Simple Ways To Save Money On Motorcycle Insurance Quotes


Just like car insurance, motorcycle insurance is required in most states. It is to protect you as well as other drivers in the event of an accident. Riding motorcycles is known to be more prone to accidents and, therefore, it is best to have some type of motorcycle insurance to provide coverage for yourself and others should the unthinkable occur. Motorcycle insurance also tends to be more costly than car insurance due to its higher risk factors, but this does not mean that you cannot find ways to save money on those motorcycle insurance quotes. Here are three ways to save money on motorcycle insurance quotes.

Be a safe rider. Insurance companies are more willing to offer you discounts if you practice safety driving in particular, if you regularly wear protective gear. Insurance rates are generally lower in states that implement a helmet law. In addition, some insurance companies will offer discounts for riders with certification from safety programs and classes, as well as proof of purchasing a helmet. Being a careful and responsible rider will generally help keep quotes lower. You can expect lower premiums should you have a clean and incident-free riding record. Keeping your motorcycle safe is another way to lower your rates. Informing your insurance company that you will properly store your motorcycle in your garage instead of the streets will help lower your risk.

Inquire about lay-up policies and discounts. If you reside in a region with harsh winters, inquire about lay-up policies. This type of insurance will suspend your coverage during the winter months wherein you do not use your motorcycle. Consequently, you will be saving money on insurance you do not need. Also inquire about discounts. Some discounts are available for members of motorcycle clubs or if you have an additional bike that is insured under the same company. Bulk discounts might be made available for you.

Shop around. Of course insurance will depend on other factors such as age, driving history, and zip code but always take into consideration the company you are dealing with. This is the reason why comparison shopping is very important. Shop around in order to find the best insurer that is willing to compete for your business. The easiest way is to go online in order to instantly have access to a wide selection of insurance for your motorcycle. Some websites will even do the comparison shopping for you. This makes it quick and easy to find affordable rates for the coverage you need. Not all motorcycle insurance policies are the same so doing your homework and taking time to do research will help you find the best pricing for your needs.

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