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Three Reasons Young Male Motorcyclists Are At Such High Risk


When shopping for motorcycle insurance quotes, young male riders should be expecting rates much higher than adults would find or that their peers would find for cars or trucks. This is because insurance companies view them as much higher risk drivers and feel that they will be more likely to have to pay to cover expenses caused by young male riders. There are three reasons why insurance companies feel that young drivers are higher risk.

The first and most obvious reason that motorcycle insurance quotes are higher for young drivers is because of their lack of experience. They do not have any exposure to real life driving conditions and they can be caught off guard. There are many scenarios that occur in real life cannot always be taught in driving classes. Slick roads from rain, random hazardous drivers and poorly maintained roads may throw inexperienced drivers for a loop when they first encounter them and if the rider doesn't have the proper experience or confidence; it can lead to an accident that will be costly for the insurance company. It typically takes at least three years of driving with a completely clean record without traffic violations or accidents before a young male rider can get a lower motorcycle insurance quote. After this period, insurance companies feel that they may have developed the experience and confidence necessary to handle all sorts of situations and become less of a risk

The second reason is that motorcycles are simply more statistically dangerous than cars. Motorcycles are less stable balance-wise and accidents tend to have much more detrimental effects to not only the vehicle but the driver as well. As opposed to cars, motorcycle drivers are not contained in a vessel that is designed to keep them safe. They can easily be thrown from their vehicle which leads to more drastic injuries that the insurance company would have to cover. Protective gear can help reduce the severity of an injury but many young male drivers are known to disregard such precautions.

Young male riders also tend to place themselves in riskier situations that lead to scenarios that insurance providers would have to pay for. Many young drivers feel a sense of independence when they first begin driving and the responsibility that comes along with it may not be as inherently strong. This may instill a sense of confidence in them that leads them to creating dangerous driving situations that they may not be able to get out of safely. Teens are already statistically more likely to speed but when you put a recently liberated teenager on a motorcycle, insurance companies are sure to view them as high risk accidents waiting to happen.

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