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Three Reasons Motorcycle Insurance Is More Expensive Than Auto Insurance


When checking auto insurance rates, it doesn't take long to see that motorcycle insurance costs are significantly more expensive than regular auto insurance. Most people don't realize until after purchasing a motorcycle that insurance costs are going to be an issue. There are three main reasons that motorcycle insurance costs are more expensive than auto insurance rates.

The first reason that motorcycle insurance costs are higher than auto insurance rates is the motorcycle itself. Although a motorcycle costs less than an average automobile, when a collision or accident occurs, more damage is done. If an automobile is rear-ended at a slow rate, than it usually catches the brunt of the impact in the bumper. Motorcycles don't have this kind of protection. If a motorcycle is rear ended at a slow rate, this will generally cause significant damage to many different areas on the motorcycle. A minor collision is a major cost to more than one area of the motorcycle. This is a major factor to an insurance provider who calculates the liability that could be present.

Another reason that motorcycle insurance costs are higher than auto insurance rates is because of the physical risks that are present with the motorcycle driver. If a motorcycle is involved with any sort of collision, whether by the driver or another vehicle, the injuries that could be sustained are substantial. For instance, if a motorcycle were to slip with a driver on it, there is virtually no passenger area to protect the driver or passenger from injuries. A motorcycle driver could be crushed by his or her own bike, thrown, or dragged for a distance. Obviously the injuries sustained by the motorcycle driver or passenger would be significant. An insurance provider is insuring against these risks and the costs are high because of the statistical data.

A final reason that motorcycle insurance costs are higher than auto insurance rates is the seasonal role that these particular vehicles play. If the weather is wintry or rainy, then motorcycles are at a much higher risk of a collision than a traditional automobile. Visibility and road conditions usually prohibit the typical motorcycle driver from driving in inclement weather, but for those who do go out, the weather and road conditions have proven to be devastating statistically. Insurance companies take this seasonal role seriously when writing up quotes and have to average these conditions into the overall quote for the term requested.

These three reasons should be taken into account when getting auto insurance quotes for a motorcycle. Motorcycle insurance costs are more expensive than regular auto insurance for a reason. Although the costs are high, it is best to be covered appropriately.

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