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Three Things To Ask A Prospective Insurance Provider About Their Motorcycle Coverage


When shopping around for motorcycle insurance, it's important to ask the right questions and get the most accurate information. Insurance is for the owner's protection, and failing to inquire about certain aspects of the policy beforehand can cause the owner a lot of heartache and regret in the event of an accident. In order to be sure that a prospective insurance provider is offering the best possible motorcycle insurance coverage, always ask the following questions up front.

The most important - and perhaps obvious - thing to ask when researching motorcycle insurance is how much a typical policy costs. Every state requires that riders at least have liability insurance, but there are a wide variety of options available beyond the minimum coverage. A motorcycle insurance rate can vary depending on many factors: the location of the bike, the age of the driver, the type of motorcycle, chosen limits and coverage, deductibles, and more. Still, a prospective provider should be able to price out an average policy. Beyond that, the insurance company should have no problem explaining the exact cost of different types of coverage based on the information that the owner provides, as well as the range of deductibles offered and how they will influence the price of the monthly premium.

The second important thing to ask a prospective insurer is if they offer a lay-up period. A lay-up period is when an owner does not expect to ride the bike, so no coverage is needed. For example, if a rider lives in a very cold climate and will not be riding at all during the winter, then a lay-up period could be very beneficial. It would certainly save money on the premium. However, there is a flip-side to a lay-up period: if the owner ends up riding the bike during that period, and happens to be in an accident, there won't be any recourse with the insurance company because the bike is not covered during that time.

The third thing that should always be asked when pricing out motorcycle insurance coverage is what kinds of discounts the provider offers. Many insurance companies provide discounted rates for a variety of reasons, such as combining coverage, taking a motorcycle safety course, or having anti-theft features installed on the bike. Combined coverage is insuring more than one thing with a company such as a house and a bike, a car and a bike, or even more than one bike. Naturally, discounts are offered for safety course completion and anti-theft features because these things reduce risk for the insurer.

Motorcycle insurance is a must, but asking the right questions can ensure that owners get the best motorcycle insurance rate possible.

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