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Three Important Motorcycle Insurance Add Ons


Motorcycle insurance is mandatory, not only because of the requirements of the regulating state authority, but because of the need of owners and drivers to protect their own interests. Some do not realize, however, that there might be a lack of coverage in certain areas that may be to the owner's peril. There are three important motorcycle insurance add ons that should be considered by every owner when seeking coverage from a provider.

The first of the motorcycle insurance add ons that should be contemplated is for custom parts and equipment. It is well known within the driving community that the enthusiasm of motorcycle owners is expressed in their lifestyles, their clothing, and especially, their vehicles. Many will find ways to customize their ride with specialized gas tanks, handlebars, chrome or paint to individualize it from other stock bikes. What an owner might not realize is that there is a strict limitation on the amount that the insurance company will pay if there is a claim in this area. Add ons for custom parts and equipment in motorcycle insurance should be considered if there have been any cosmetic or aftermarket changes to the motorcycle, in order to provide protection against a loss.

The next of the important motorcycle insurance add ons is for uninsured/under-insured motorists. It is common knowledge that motorcycles are at a higher risk of having to make a claim. Because of this higher risk, there is an increased likelihood that a person lacking coverage on the road will have a collision with a motorcycle. As far as add ons go, an upgraded policy for coverage against an uninsured/under-insured motorist is among the most affordable and practical because for just a fraction of the costs of regular motorcycle insurance coverage, maximum protection can be obtained in spite of those wandering the roads with no coverage or inadequate coverage.

The final of the motorcycle insurance add ons is for roadside assistance. When a motorcycle is involved in a major collision, the chances are often slim that the motorcycle will be able to be driven away. Even a minor collision can render a motorcycle inoperable. Roadside assistance is a small investment for prevention against a lot of hassle. Roadside assistance is also valid for other reasons, such as if there is a dead battery, insufficient fluids, a flat tire or some type of weather entrapment. Roadside assistance is one of the most useful add ons available in motorcycle insurance.

These three add ons to motorcycle insurance should be weighed individually to determine if they will be of value to the motorcycle owner. Every person's individual situation varies, so the needs of coverage also vary according to those situations.

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