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Three Differences Between State Motorcycle Insurance Laws


Motorcycle insurance is a wise choice to have because of the hazardous conditions that can occur when riding one of these vehicles. It is understood by most drivers that motorcycle insurance tends to be higher for these motorized bikes than regular automobiles because of the increased risks involved. What many do not consider is the difference in motorcycle insurance laws between states. There are three important variances that should be noted by anyone that plans to travel or otherwise commute between states.

The first difference between state motorcycle insurance laws is that some states do not require that there be motorcycle insurance upon registration. There are three states that do not require motorcycle insurance at all, and many more that have very limited requirements. This is surprising to some, but it should not be the deciding factor in whether to purchase motorcycle insurance. The reason to purchase coverage would be to protect yourself from liability and the expenses incurred if you are involved in an accident, despite your state's individual motorcycle insurance regulations.

The next variable in motorcycle insurance laws is that many states do not have a helmet law. In these cases, the motorcycle insurance requirement to protect the insured might or might not require the wearing of a helmet before claims will be paid. Many motorcycle insurance companies require good faith on behalf of the insured driver to follow the law of the state; other companies have their own private policy instituting the requirement to wear a helmet. This rule also varies with respect to the passenger on a motorcycle. Both the law of the state and the policy of the insurance company must be followed in order to have a claim settled.

A final irregularity to be aware of in state motorcycle insurance laws is the coverage of minor drivers. Motor insurance laws do vary in some states for minor drivers as opposed to their adult counterparts. Some laws require the use of helmets for minors that waive the mandate for adults. Motorcycle insurance also varies in the motorbike training programs and policies according to the state regulations on minors. This is another point that has to be researched according to an insurance company's policy and individual state motorcycle insurance laws.

These are three differences to make note of when considering state motorcycle insurance laws. It is important to reiterate that the purpose of motorcycle insurance is to protect the financial and bodily interests of the insured party. Although knowledge of each relevant state's motorcycle insurance laws should be noted for adherence reasons, the motivation should be the needs and interests of the driver of the motorcycle.

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