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Things To Know About Insurance When Moving A Motorcycle To A New State


Motorcycle insurance quotes are, as a rule, more expensive than those for any other type of vehicle. This is largely owing to the amount of risk that a company assumes when they insure a motorcycle driver as both the driver and the bike stand to be seriously damaged should a collision occur. Add to this the fact that many automobile drivers on the road are less than vigilant when it comes to watching out for their motorcycle-riding counterparts, and it is easy to see why companies must do all they can to ensure that their motorcycle insurance quotes not only protect riders but themselves. Once a rider has located a great insurance company, it is worthwhile to hold on to it, but this can be difficult if they are moving to a new state - here are a few reasons why.

The first and most important item of information that consumers must be aware of when moving their motorcycle to a new state is that their insurance may not automatically go with them. While coverage does operate for those traveling in another state, once a rider has taken up permanent residency in a new state, they must ensure that their policy meets a number of guidelines. The first is that the company which administers the policy must be in good standing with the state insurance commission and be permitted to sell insurance in that state. If they are not, any insurance policy they have may be null and void. Second, riders must ensure that they have adequate coverage for the state. States have different requirements for the level of bodily injury and property damage coverage, and riders must ensure that they have enough to meet state minimums.

Motorcycle riders must also understand that the state and drivers in that state will have an impact on their motorcycle insurance quotes and premiums. In a state with many drivers or one in which motorcycle insurance fraud is rampant, the same policy they enjoyed in their old home may be much more expensive in their new state. This can be frustrating for riders who have been driving their bikes on roads across the country for years. It is important not to fall into the trap of not accurately reporting a new state as a rider's home, as any insurance claims made with a fraudulent address could lead to fines, raised premiums, or criminal charges.

Though moving to a new state may mean higher motorcycle insurance, it is worth the cost to ensure that drivers and their motorcycles are well protected in the event of an accident and that they meet all state requirements for viable insurance policies.

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