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The Consequences Of Riding Without Motorcycle Insurance Coverage


Motorcycle riders have to take specific precautions into consideration when on the road, like wearing a helmet. Because motorcycle accidents are common and can often be more damaging than normal car accidents, precautions are critical. Having no insurance coverage is an avoidable danger. No rider should risk the potential consequences when a range of motorcycle insurance quotes are quick and easy to access by phone or internet.

The most basic thing a driver with no insurance coverage needs to verify is whether one can legally drive under state law. In the UK it is illegal to ride without insurance, and American states often require riders to hold minimum coverage liability insurance, which will take care of some costs of personal injury to yourself and another party. If you are involved in an incident and the other party is also a uninsured or underinsured, minimum coverage will not cover the entire the bill and even with legal action you may not see monetary reparations. If you are the uninsured or underinsured party, you may be required to pay out the costs that appropriate insurance would have taken care of. Personal assets can be taken to cover costs, and the threats of debt and bankruptcy are real.

Having no recourse for recouping the monetary loss of a stolen, vandalized or totaled motorcycle or the costs of accident-related repairs, can leave you severely out of pocket. Property damage, collision and comprehensive insurance options can cover all of these potentialities.

Medical payments are exorbitant, and without insurance these can put you deeply into debt. Check with your healthcare and motorcycle insurance provider for your present coverage conditions and options for protection in an emergency. You also may by liable for third party medical bills. For your physical safety and financial wellbeing, this is not something that should be ignored, especially when it is so easily covered by holding the right level of coverage for your risk in liability and medical coverage.

Hit and run accidents are more common when a motorcycle is involved, but even loosing traction on a two-wheeled vehicle is an everyday risk with uncertain outcomes. In both of these circumstances, you would be alone without any other party's insurance to help you cover costs. A quick search online or call to any insurance company will provide a wealth of motorcycle safety and accident statistics, enough evidence to prove that all safety precautions should be taken when riding a motorcycle. This includes holding enough insurance for financial protection in the event of an accident. Motorcycle insurance quotes can give you options of coverage to keep you and your vehicle protected.

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