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How Taking Steps To Avoid Motorcycle Theft Can Lower Your Insurance Quotes


Understanding how and why motorcycle theft occurs can go a long way to preventing theft from occurring. Risk of theft increases or decreases based on a variety of factors, including preventative anti-theft preparations, motorcycle brand and style, riding and storage patterns, and even the city of residence. The good news is that trends seem to indicate that motorcycle theft has been steadily decreasing since 2006. However, it is not clear whether the reduction in theft is due to a crackdown on motorcycle crime or increased savvy of motorcycle owners. One thing is clear - appropriate and comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage is not getting cheaper, and understanding what is included in motorcycle insurance premium costs can go a long way toward assisting a motorcycle owner with purchasing just the coverage that is truly needed.

Motorcycle owners can follow several precautions to avoid becoming a statistic on motorcycle theft trend charts. As an added bonus, insurance carriers factor in the number of precautionary steps an applicant is willing and able to take when issuing a motorcycle insurance quote. Locking up the bike, no matter how brief a stop may be at the local convenience store, adds one more obstacle between a thief and an easy opportunity. Covering the bike also makes it more difficult for a thief to determine the value of a potential theft versus the risks involved. Purchasing a manufacturer-issued or after-market alarm mechanism also reduces the likelihood of successful theft.

Many thefts could be avoided if the owner were less eager to show off the motorcycle to neighbors, friends, and strangers alike. Keep the bike housed in a safe, secure, private location that reduces the likelihood of it coming to a thief's attention. Re-evaluate the existing home security system, including the garage security. If necessary, install extra security protection in the location where the bike is stored. Purchasing anti-theft tracking markers reduces the attractiveness of the motorcycle to thieves, who often intend to dismantle a stolen bike into untraceable parts that can command a high dollar value on the parts black market. Determine how to disable the bike by removing a fuse or installing a kill-switch in an inaccessible location - anything that increases the time it takes to steal a motorcycle and increases the thief's frustration with the effort involved will reduce the likelihood of successful theft.

Finally, before seeking motorcycle insurance quotes, make a comprehensive list of every anti-theft precaution associated with the vehicle in need of coverage. Present this list to each potential insurance carrier to negotiate for lower premiums and take advantage of all available anti-theft discounts. Gather a selection of motorcycle insurance quotes and use these to negotiate for the best rate.

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