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Spending Less on Bike Insurance Than You Did on Modifications


Motorcycle modification is one of the great pastimes of dedicated and casual riders alike. Motorbikes offer a far greater range of customization options than a car, and typically at a smaller cost. Many of a bike's parts are easily accessible, limiting the amount of time that modifications take, and allowing even moderately gifted amateur mechanics to tweak and improve their own bikes. The true difficulty in motorcycle modification lies not in the actual work itself, but in finding traditional or online insurance providers that are willing to offer reasonable motorcycle coverage quotes for a modified bike. This can often be a challenge, depending on both the modifications made and the type of company that is being negotiated with. With effort and patience, however, it is possible to find a provider that will help make your monthly premiums less expensive than the work done to your motorcycle.

Some of the most common modifications to a motorcycle include improvements to its speed and handling. Both of these can have an effect on the motorcycle coverage quotes offered by online insurance providers. Greater speed means a greater possibility of an accident resulting in serious injury, and premiums will therefore go up. Improved handling should in theory lower premiums, but many companies will view this as another way in which greater speed will play a factor in accidents. Even properly documented and inspected, these bikes can be substantially more expensive to insure than their stock counterparts.

In addition to improving the performance of a bike, some owners simply choose to improve its appearance with new mirrors, detailing, and exhaust pipes. Many of these modifications do not change the fundamental workings of the bike, but can still result in a rate increase or higher motorcycle insurance quotes. This is because providers are not sure what the new overall cost to replace the bike will be, as they do not have an invoice listing the exact parts and replacement cost of the bike. In these cases, providers tend to over-insure, which results in higher premiums for riders.

These extra costs can be mitigated by several things. First, riders can increase their safety by taking riding courses offered by local providers. As well, riders can install anti-theft devices on their modified bikes and make sure that they are always parked in a secure location with a minimum of ways to be easily removed or stolen. This, in turn, can result in a number of discounts for the rider, the combination of which can be enough to offset the cost of the insurance rates for a modified bike. Before beginning any modification project, however, it is a good idea to speak with your provider and determine what options are available.

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