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Using Special Insurance Coverage Add Ons To Protect Your Motorcycle


It's important to drive your motorcycle with adequate protection, for yourself, for other drivers, and for your bike. While standard policies will usually cover the most common expenses in an accident, it's well worth a motorcycle owner's time to check out some of the optional add-on coverage that insurers offer. Unfortunately, these add-ons can drive up the cost of a motorcycle insurance quote, but even so, they can cover major costs that most riders don't even consider and help to protect your bike and gear.

One of the more popular add-ons for motorcycle coverage provides protection for customized parts added to the bike. Regardless of whether these parts serve a purpose or are aesthetic, they can be covered using this add-on, which is well worth the cost for motorcyclists who spend time improving their bikes. You'll need to keep a record and pictures of any special parts, and you'll need to check with your insurance provider to see whether every part on your bike is covered. It's a good idea, though, and goes above and beyond the protection of a standard policy.

Some motorcycle insurance companies offer a form of unemployment insurance to drivers who are injured in an accident. This can be well worth the cost for frequent riders, as a single minor accident can often cause more than a few sick days. Unemployment insurance for motorcyclists is usually not very expensive, but remember that it only applies to riders that are injured on their bikes--it's not the same as traditional unemployment insurance, so don't take it for granted. Another optional coverage is protection for equipment that you wear on your bike, including gloves, riding clothes, and helmets. As these are expensive items and your motorcycle insurance premium won't go up by much with the extra coverage, it's a good idea to put a few dollars aside for these options.

After you've added extra coverage to protect your motorcycle and equipment, you'll notice that your rates have increased. Don't fret, as you may still be able to keep the cost down. There are quite a few ways to lower your motorcycle insurance premium without sacrificing coverage, however. Many drivers combine their car and motorcycle policies, apply for insurance discounts, and use comparison shopping tools to find the cheapest possible quotes. This last option is probably the easiest and most effective choice, as comparison shopping only takes a few minutes and often leads to a much better policy overall. Be sure to read through your entire contract before signing, and do some research on different coverage types; you'll stay well protected in an accident, and it never hurts to be aware of how your policy works.

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