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Sidecars And Their Role In Motorcycle Insurance Quotes


Many bike owners decide to buy a motorcycle sidecar, either as a built-in part of a motorcycle or as an add-on to their existing bike. Sidecars obviously allow a motorcyclist to safely carry additional passengers, but they also affect a bike's handling and the motorcycle insurance quotes that a rider will be able to find. Before you buy a bike with a sidecar or before installing a new sidecar onto your bike, it's well worth the time to consider the impact that a motorcycle sidecar has on insurance premiums.

If your motorcycle has a sidecar, the first thing you'll need to do is make sure that it's actually covered, and know how your insurance company views the sidecar. Different insurance companies have extremely different rules when it comes to sidecars; generally, though, you'll need to look at the manufacturing details of your sidecar to determine how your insurance company will cover it. If the motorcycle sidecar was built and delivered as a part of your motorcycle--that is, if it's not an aftermarket part--then it will be covered under your standard insurance. If it is an aftermarket part, however, you'll need to buy accessory coverage, which will be in addition to your standard motorcycle insurance premiums. Some insurance companies even offer special sidecar insurance.

A sidecar means more bike to protect, and certain coverages will usually become more expensive when a sidecar is added to a bike. Comprehensive coverage, for instance, will increase, especially if the sidecar is expensive, and the previously mentioned accessory coverage will undoubtedly go up a few notches if you're adding an aftermarket motorcycle sidecar. You may also decide to get special additional coverages to protect your passenger in the event of an accident, which is certainly a good idea, but again, additional coverages will affect your premiums. Insurance companies use statistics to figure rates, and bikes with sidecars are usually driven more safely, so certain aspects of your coverage may actually become less expensive. This will depend on a number of factors, including the model of motorcycle that you ride, the sidecar, the insurance provider, and even the state that you live in.

Sidecars can change the way that you ride your motorcycle, and they'll certainly have a major effect on your insurance coverage. Look at several motorcycle insurance quotes before getting a sidecar, and you'll know all of the potential costs of the sidecar when you go to buy it. Any accessory will affect your coverage, but nothing will change your policy quite as much as a motorcycle sidecar. Doing a bit of research will help you to avoid any nasty surprises.

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