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Safety Gear And Its Effect On Motorcycle Insurance Quotes


Motorcycle insurance quotes are often some of the most expensive for any vehicle on the road. There are number of reasons for this, but the most significant is that insurance companies are what are known as "risk-adverse." It is their goal to insure drivers and vehicles that have the lowest chance of being involved in a collision, in order to limit the chances that they will have to pay out large amounts of money. In order to assess risk, insurance companies will examine a number of factors, including the driving history of a potential client, as well as the type of vehicle they are operating. Motorcycles, by their very nature, are prone to not only crashes, either due to driver inexperience or inattention on the part of other motorists on the road, but also result in far greater injury to cyclists should an accident occur. For this reason, motorcycle insurance quotes tend to be much higher than standard auto insurance quotes. One way in which motorcycle riders can mitigate this cost is by purchasing and wearing the proper safety gear.

The most important piece of safety gear that a cyclist can own is a DOT approved helmet. These are mandated for use in almost every state and can significantly improve the chances of a rider walking away from a crash rather than being taken away to the hospital. Insurance companies will not usually offer a discount for wearing a helmet, as it is mandated by state law, but helmets are smart choice for any rider who wants to increase their safety and ride legally.

Other safety gear, such as "leather" - one or two piece leather suits consisting of a jacket and pants - as well as gloves and boots, can encourage insurance companies to offer discounts to riders on their motorcycle insurance quotes. These leather items can limit the amount of "road rash" received should a driver be thrown from their bike and slide along the ground, and therefore limit the amount of medical care they need. More specialized items such as armor - foam pads placed inside the shoulders of jackets or on the knees and elbows of leathers, can further reduce the risk of injury as well as the cost of motorcycle insurance. Anything which a rider does to limit the injury to their body in the event of a crash will be looked upon favorably by the insurance company and can result in a savings.

While there is an upper amount to the discounts that will be offered, taking the time to ask companies what the impact of safety gear will be on the cost of a policy can lead to significant savings.

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