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Safety Features For Less Expensive Motorbike Insurance Quotes


Motorbike insurance quotes are readily accessible online from any number of insurance companies, brokers, and insurance policy comparison sites. It's a competitive business and spending some time doing a little old-fashioned comparison shopping between available providers can pay big dividends in finding policies with the most attractive terms and the most reasonable costs.

It should be noted, however, that the small amount of information required to obtain online motorbike insurance quotes isn't sufficient to produce a totally accurate premium cost. Additional factors not initially required in an insurance quote request may later actually lower a policy's price. One of these factors relates to specific motorcycle safety features.

Just as in automobile insurance underwriting, certain motorcycle safety features can lower the risk an insurance company assigns a particular motorbike. Examples of this are an anti-theft alarm or a LoJack stolen motorcycle recovery system. For an insurance company, anything that lowers the risk they are assuming when writing an indemnity contract puts the policyholder in a more favorable light, thereby reducing premium costs.

In the past five years, approximately 50,000 motorcycles have been stolen each year. The above examples of two aftermarket motorcycle safety features make the theft of a particular bike much less likely and even if stolen, a recovery system holds the potential of allowing the machine to be returned to its owner. This translates into lower insurance company risk exposure, which is good for them and good for the insured, too.

Recently, other motorcycle safety features have been adapted from proven automobile safety features, primarily coming from companies involved in the manufacture of both cars and bikes, such as BMW and Honda. These innovations include motorcycle airbags, anti-lock brakes, and traction control. All of these features have been designed and applied to motorcycle technology in order to make bikes safer and less of a risk to ride.

Most experts agree, however, that the number one motorcycle safety feature is a prudent, skilled, and experienced motorcycle rider. Most companies take a rider's age, experience, and riding history into account when calculating motorbike insurance quotes and give discounts for "mature" riders and, more importantly, to those who have successfully passed an accredited motorcycle defensive driving course. Some even offer discounts to riders who are members of recognized motorcycle riding clubs. and it could be argued that those riding in assembled groups are safer than those riding solo.

Equipment such as DOT approved helmets, protective gloves, pants, jackets. and goggles are also important in ensuring a rider's safety. Some companies have even developed clothing with built-in airbags that inflate in the event of a collision. These may not lower premiums, but will certainly lower risk.

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