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Safety Apparel Coverage and Other Extra Benefits


For many motorcyclists, finding ways to improve their motorcycle insurance coverage can seem like a daunting task. Already faced with higher premiums than car or truck users, and with their potential risk of injury far higher than almost any other drivers on the road, motorcycle riders need to find ways to make their motorcycle insurance work as well for them as possible, while still attempting to keep some form of low insurance rates intact. One way for riders to get the most out of their coverage without paying more than they should is to ask about coverage that may be applied based on the safety precautions they are already taking.

All insurance companies use risk as the determining factor when setting insurance premiums for any customer, and for a customer group as a whole. This means that motorcyclists, who by virtue of their vehicles carry a higher risk of payout, will almost always be issued policies with higher premiums. Even if the risk of accidents in general were lower, these premiums would still be higher than the average car driver's, as even a minor accident can result in serious or even fatal injuries to a motorcyclist. This, in turn, means thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars paid out by the insurance company. In order help maintain low insurance rates for riders, many companies will offer discounts for those who choose to take a motorcycle safety course before insuring their bike. In addition, many insurance providers offer add-on coverage for safety features on bikes at a reasonable rate.

One of these add on options is safety apparel coverage. In order to protect themselves from the potential dangers of the road, cyclists will often purchase protective gear such including jackets, gloves, and pants. These items are designed to withstand high-speed contact with a road surface, protecting the wearer. Providers offer coverage to replace safety gear which is damaged during an accident. While this is extra coverage, the cost is often mitigated by the wearing of the gear itself, which lowers the potential injury payout. In addition to placing safety gear coverage on a bike, things like having it semi-annually inspected and making sure all maintenance is taken care of can help to not only keep a rider safe, but encourage an insurance provider to keep rates as low as possible.

The simple fact that a driver owns and rides a motorbike does not have to mean that they are crippled by their premium payments. By looking for add-on coverage as well as safety benefit options, many cyclists can work with their insurance providers to keep their bike on the road and their rates reasonable.

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