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The simple fact is that motorcycle insurance costs more than traditional auto insurance. There are a number of reasons for this, but the most common include the fact that motorcycles are statistically less safe than cars, and crashes often result in severe injuries to riders and severe damages to bikes. This in turn means that insurance companies are forced to pay out claims more often for motorcycles than for cars, and as a result, a basic motorcycle insurance premium will always be greater than for a car. This higher premium is only magnified for a new motorcycle rider, who is not only riding a vehicle with a high risk factor, but also lacks a safe driving record to help mitigate the cost of their motorcycle insurance rates. Here a few things those new motorcycle riders can expect from their insurance companies.

First and foremost is a higher premium than any of their friends and family that drive cars. They will also get a far higher motorcycle insurance quote than any other riders with more experience, as the insurance company will have no driving history to work with. While the coverage levels will be the same for a new driver as an experienced one, the monthly rate will be far steeper and will remain so until the rider can prove that they and their bike are safe.

New riders can also expect their company to offer discounts for several actions that they can take. The first will be a motorbike safety course, which will teach both driving skills, as well as contain technical knowledge about the bike's operations and mechanics. Once a rider has completed a certified course and passed the required written and practical exam, they should contact their provider to negotiate a reduced motorcycle insurance premium. As well, companies will often give out lower motorcycle insurance quotes to those new riders who have taken steps to make their bikes safer, either by making them harder targets for thieves or installing the latest driver safety features. Anything that reduces the risk assumed by the insurance company will result in lower motorcycle insurance rates for the rider, even if they are new to the bike.

While a new driver of any vehicle is at a disadvantage in the insurance world, a new motorcycle rider is doubly so. Since they are operating a vehicle that has a high accident rate and have little to no experience to demonstrate their ability to remain safe on the roads, the premiums they receive will undoubtedly be higher than the norm. Taking the time to educate themselves and make their bike as safe as possible can go a long way to keeping rates reasonable.

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