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Reasons To Keep Your Motorcycle Insured Year Round


Motorcyclists with insurance coverage enjoy riding on perfect days in the spring, summer, and autumn seasons. Insurance protection is also needed for riding on tempting winter days free from snow and ice. Motorcycles in winter storage should also be protected in case of theft or damage from fire or storms. When obtaining motorcycle insurance quotes, it is important to inquire about winter insurance coverage. Insured motorcycle policies providing year round coverage also offer various discounts.

"Live to ride" is the motto of most motorcycle enthusiasts. Cold winter months do not stop them from enjoying a ride in the open air. Obtaining year-round insurance coverage offers freedom to ride on clear roads during this off season no matter how cool the temperature.

Deciding on taking a vacation to a warmer climate for a while to escape the winter weather is also a good reason to keep year round coverage. Valuable time will not have to be spent contacting the insurance company to restart canceled insurance. Riding in the winter months may be required due to unforeseen events such as out of town family emergencies or the family vehicle breaking down. Since a tank of gas goes farther in a motorcycle than in a vehicle, many opt to ride their bike to work instead of their vehicle.

Motorcycle insurance quotes for stored motorcycles offer different coverage options. Insured motorcycle insurance for winter months provides basic coverage instead of full coverage or a winter layup policy. This policy does not cover any events if ridden on the road but will reimburse for damaged or stolen motorcycles stored for the winter.

It is more common for motorcycles to be stolen during the warmer riding months, but there are thieves who will break into garages and storage units in the winter months to steal, strip, and sell motorcycles. Fires and storms can also cause damage to storage areas and items stored. Motorcycle insurance quotes provide reimbursement to repair damages or replace total losses.

It is cheaper to maintain insured motorcycle coverage all year instead of canceling or stopping insurance after just a few months of coverage and then starting a new policy a few months later. These policy holders are considered new clients and often given higher rates. Discounts for low mileage and renewal can be enjoyed with continuous coverage. Setting up automatic monthly payments lowers premiums since the insurance company does not generate and mail invoices.

Insured motorcycle coverage is available all year for loyal motorcyclists who love to ride during the off months or have no choice but to ride during these months. Motorcycle insurance quotes offer many plans to choose from to keep premiums low and affordable.

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