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Reasons An Insurance Provider May Request A Motorcycle Inspection


When a customer is shopping for motorcycle insurance quotes, he may discover that his potential insurance provider requests a motorcycle inspection. An insurance carrier is allowed to require such an inspection before issuing you a policy. Of course, you are not legally obligated to allow the insurance company to inspect your motorcycle. However, if you refuse to permit the motorcycle inspection, then the insurance company may refuse to issue you the motorcycle policy.

In the event that you agree to an inspection, then you'll probably be asked to bring your motorcycle to an inspection location such as an agent's office. Or it may be that the insurance company will send a trained adjuster out to your work or home to inspect your vehicle. During the inspection, the motorcycle may be checked for preexisting damage, for mechanical safety, and for mileage.

There several different reasons that an insurance provider might ask to inspect your motorcycle. The first would be to check your vehicle for preexisting body damage. It will probably be photographed and an inspection certificate filled out, noting any existing damage already on the bike. The reason for this inspection is to protect both you and the insurance company. If you should have the misfortune of experiencing a motorcycle accident right after you purchase a new policy, then there will be no question regarding the damages.

Another reason that an insurance provider might have for inspecting your motorcycle would be to perform a safety inspection of the mechanical parts. A safety inspection report would have a checklist of such parts as hand and foot brakes, clutch adjustment, speedometer, lamps, turn signals, battery, horn and mirrors, etc. Once the insurance company has verified the mechanical soundness of your motorcycle, then it would be considered an insurable asset.

Finally, an insurance company might inspect your motorcycle in order to verify the mileage. Miles driven annually is one of the rate factors which insurance companies use when determining what premium to charge. Vehicles that spend more time on the road being driven are more likely to experience an accident. So vehicles that spend more time on the road are usually charged a higher premium.

As you obtain motorcycle insurance quotes, you may find that one or more of the insurance companies requests a motorcycle inspection of your bike. At no time should you be charged for such an inspection or unduly inconvenienced. The expense of the inspection should be paid by the insurance carrier as a cost of doing business. Be sure to request copies of any photographs and paperwork that the insurance company drafts as a result of the inspection.

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