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Real Injuries You Can Expect From A Motorbike Collision


According to various sales figures, owning a motorbike is very popular. On the other hand, according to various insurance statistics is also quite dangerous. The injuries sustained in the smallest of motorcycle accidents directly influence the cost of everyone's motorcycle insurance policy. The reason is that the extent of injuries along with any long lasting consequences from them usually means the insurance company has to pay more in medical care. This is why it becomes essential for a bike owner to maintain a perfect driving record. Doing so can save them money on their motorbike insurance quote. It is also essential to know the real injuries you can expect from a motorbike collision and how to avoid them.

The first real injury carries with it some very dire results. Head injuries are a primary cause of death and permanent brain damage for riders that refuse to wear a helmet. Even a simple 10 miles per hour accident can have long lasting or serious medical consequences. For this reason, it is best to wear a quality helmet that protects the entire head as well as the face and the chin areas. The half helmets are simply not effective. These are called brain buckets because that is about all they can do after an accident; hold the brain in one place. In addition, a rider can expect a higher motorbike insurance quote if they live in a state without helmet laws.

The second most common injury is road rash. The truth is most accidents involving a motorcycle will propel the owner off the bike and onto the ground. Depending on how fast the bike is going the rider can expect to roll across the ground for a great distance. Once the clothing has disintegrated, which happens quickly, there is nothing between the skin and the rough concrete. The result is the skin ripped from the flesh, which is not unlike having a badly skinned knee all over the body. Harsh pain medication cannot alleviate this kind of painful injury. Leather boots with steel toes along with special riding clothes made using Kevlar can prevent many, but not all, of the road rash of injuries. Finally, another real injury is broken bones. The truth is bones are no match for steel and concrete. This is why it pays to take a defensive driving course for motorcycles. There may even be a motorcycle insurance policy discount for doing so.

In conclusion, try to remember that driving a bike safely is as much an attitude as it is skill. Therefore, when in doubt, always give the other person the right of way. In the end, you will pay less for your motorcycle insurance policy.

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