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Protecting Your Bike From The Weather With Motorcycle Insurance Coverage


Motorcycle insurance quotes are different from normal auto insurance quotes. The biggest difference is motorcycle insurance can cover all of the accessories included on the motorcycle, such as saddlebags or backrests. It is also possible to purchase an insurance policy that will pay for the repairs on a weather damaged motorcycle. Not all insurance plans offer the same amount of coverage, however. For example, some insurance companies will only pay for damage that occurs to your motorcycle while it is being properly stored.

Coverage Depends on the Type of Insurance you Purchase

There are several types of motorcycle insurance policies you can choose from. The basics are liability, guest passenger liability, collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist. You will find motorcycle insurance quotes for these different types of plans are available with almost any insurance company. Most of these insurance coverage types provide protection from injury to you and your passenger, as well as compensation if you should be involved in an accident with someone who does not carry insurance. The insurance company also covers damage to another person or vehicle if you are found at fault in an accident. Each state usually requires you to carry a minimum of liability insurance for your motorcycle.

Comprehensive can Cover Weather Damage

The only type of motorcycle insurance that would include coverage for a weather damaged motorcycle is comprehensive insurance. All other types are designed to payout for claims filed as a result of damage due to an accident. Comprehensive motorcycle insurance will cover any type of damage that occurs when you are not driving the motorcycle. You can choose the level of coverage you want to carry with your comprehensive motorcycle insurance plan. The more coverage you choose, the more expensive your premium will be. It can be worth it, though, if your motorcycle is damaged by the weather, vandalized or stolen.

Shop Around for the Right Policy

Every motorcycle insurance policy is different. It is important you take your time and research the policies and restrictions offered by several different insurance companies. Some motorcycle insurance plans do not include comprehensive coverage, which would leave you without any protection for a weather damaged motorcycle. Read each policy thoroughly before you make your decision. Sometimes a motorcycle insurance policy that is a little more expensive may provide the kind of coverage you need for your bike. Consider the amount of time you spend driving your motorcycle, where you tend to park it and how often it is protected from the weather. If there is a chance your bike could be damaged from exposure to the elements, comprehensive insurance may be best.

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