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Printing Your Proof Of Insurance Card Online After Buying Motorcycle Insurance


Following a successful online purchase of motorcycle insurance, the customer should follow up on certain common sense tasks. Of course, a complete and comprehensive insurance policy is the first step in protecting yourself from the risk associated with an accident. Buying bike insurance is certainly a good start. However, there are other steps to be taken which will keep you safe and prepared so that you can reap all the benefits of riding a fun, economical vehicle like a motorcycle.

The first and primary concern should be to print a copy of your proof of insurance card following your online transaction. It is well and good that you have acquired a motorcycle insurance policy. Having insurance and not carrying proof of insurance is not a sound idea. If you do not have your proof of insurance card with you at the time of the accident, it can be to your detriment. Most states require that proof of insurance be carried and presented at the time of a collision. Failure to do so may result in a fine or other penalty, so be sure to print your proof of insurance card after buying bike insurance.

There is other information that a motorcycle rider should carry and be prepared to present as well, including: your driver's license, your vehicle registration, and your name and phone number. Be prepared to share this information with the driver of the other vehicle, and any police officer present at the scene. Likewise, it is an excellent idea to carry a notepad and pen with you when riding your motorcycle, so that you will be able to record the pertinent personal and insurance information of the other party. If you are able, also carry a disposable camera and cell phone with you at all times.

Should you experience difficulty in printing your proof of insurance from the Internet, there are other sources able to provide a copy of the card. For instance, your agent or broker should be able to send you duplicate copies of your proof of insurance card. Also, most insurance companies have customer service lines where such a request can be made. Do not become frustrated if your initial attempt to print your motorcycle insurance card is unsuccessful. There are plenty of alternative options for obtaining your card.

Buying bike insurance is an exciting experience and your gateway to legally riding your motorcycle for work and/or pleasure purposes. Be sure to print and carry a copy of your proof of motorcycle insurance card so that you are prepared in the worst case scenario involving an accident. Always wear your protective gear, and ride with common sense, safety and courtesy in mind!

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