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Motorcycle insurance quotes are typically some of the most expensive in the automotive insurance industry, owing to the high risk involved with riding a motorbike. The potential for both injury to a rider and damage to the bike is substantial, and insurance companies pass on this added risk to the consumer in the form of higher insurance premiums, quotes, and deductibles. For most motorcycle riders, however, this doesn't matter. For them, it is the thrill of the ride, the challenge of the open road that is important. For them, the true cost would be not to ride, rather than pay more for insurance, and as a result most have no problem paying more to keep their bike insured. Most also want to take their bike everywhere, and have at some point considered an overseas motorcycle trip to see what the world looks like from the back of a motorbike. For those considering such a trip, here is some advice for finding overseas coverage and motorcycle insurance quotes.

The first bit of advice is easy - make sure to purchase overseas motorcycle insurance. Your current policy may not be valid off of American soil, and it is worth checking with your provider to see if it is. Even if your policy is still valid, the law in other countries may require you to carry different documentation than in North America, and your insurance company may be able to tell you exactly what is expected. Even if you do have all of the required paperwork, do not be surprised if you are still stopped and questioned as you represent an unknown. This is especially true if you are biking in a low-population area or one that does not get a lot of tourists.

In many cases, your provider will tell you your current coverage does not extend overseas and you have two options - purchase insurance when you arrive in the new country or purchase it through your insurance company. Many larger firms have partners in other countries and can find the best deals for their insured, while still ensuring compliance with local laws. Sourcing out your own insurance quotes is certainly possible, but can mean paying too much or not having the correct coverage should you end up in an accident. It is worth checking with your current provider to see what they can do for you.

While overseas coverage will often be more expensive, being savvy about its purchase can mean a smoother overseas riding experience knowing you are properly protected should the need arise. Using your current insurance provider can help made this transition seamless.

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