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Older Riders And The Effect Of Age On Motorcycle Insurance Quotes


Motorcycle insurance quotes are certainly affected by age, but the way that age affects quotes can be difficult to understand. All insurance companies try to limit their risks by offering lower quotes to statistically safer motorcycle owners and higher quotes to statistically dangerous owners, so when insurers consider age, they are looking at how age affects risks. Older riders often see better motorcycle insurance quotes than younger riders, up to a point. Here is a closer look at how age can affect motorcycle insurance quotes and what older riders need to know to keep their rates down to a reasonable level.

It is no secret that experience has a major effect on a motorcycle rider's risks. Riders that have been on the road for many years are generally more adept and can handle tough riding situations without getting into an accident. Also, older riders tend to take fewer risks. To an insurance company, this means that they are more valuable policies, particularly if the older rider does not have a history of accidents or traffic citations. However, age can have a negative effect on motorcycle insurance for older riders because of factors like reaction time that actually increase their chances of an accident. The best age for motorcycle insurance rates will vary by insurance provider, but generally riders can get great rates from age 35 to age 65 without too much of a problem.

Again, you will have the best chances of finding low motorcycle insurance quotes if you have a solid record. The best way for older riders to develop such a record is to drive a safe bike and avoid unnecessary risks. Many insurance companies also offer special motorcycle insurance discounts to riders who take special learning courses designed to limit their risks, so contact your insurance company to see if this is an option or if any other programs are available to provide discounts to older riders. When the time comes to pick a new bike, choose one that has a good safety rating, and as you get older, you will avoid sudden rate hikes.

Finally, look for motorcycle insurance quotes online before getting a policy. Riders of all ages can benefit from this strategy because looking at multiple quotes makes it easier to pick a high coverage policy with low premium rates. Using a motorcycle insurance quote website can make this process easier because the motorcycle insurance companies will be forced to compete for your business. Looking for motorcycle insurance quotes keeps rates as low as possible for riders of any age while giving motorcycle owners a good general idea of what they should be paying for the insurance coverage that they need.

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