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How You Can Obtain Motorcycle Insurance Discounts


There are a number of things a motorcycle owner can do to get discounts on their motorcycle insurance. The first, of course, is a clean driving record. Insurance companies look at a biker's record first - and that includes his or her record while driving a car. The next thing an insurance company will consider is safety training on a motorcycle.

Biker safety courses are offered at locations all across America. Many courses will even take beginners through the learning process from beginning to end in as little as a single weekend and even provide them with a motorcycle. The best of these courses are taught by instructors who are certified through the state drivers licensing agency to administer the motorcycle driving test at the end of the course. That certificate of completion does two things.

First, it gets new riders their "motorcycle endorsement" on their drivers' license. Usually the rider simply goes to the nearest drivers' license office and presents the certificate. The agency will produce a new drivers' license with the "motorcycle endorsement" noted on the license. The second thing the certificate does is get riders a discount on their insurance premium - often in the neighborhood of 10-percent.

These certificates are usually good for a period of three years before the rider has to consider taking another safety course. But taking another safety course can be a relatively fun thing. Many rider safety courses offer variations on their programs, such as advanced riding skills for more experienced riders. In these courses riders brings their own motorcycles and learn how to ride with even more confidence and better street safety skills while on their own bike. And, of course, after the course another certificate is presented to the riders which allows for their motorcycle insurance discounts to continue.

One other way to get a discount on the insurance premium is to insure more than one rider on the same policy. If a spouse is a rider, or decided to learn, a multi-rider discount is available through most insurance companies once the additional rider has completed the safety course. The discount for multiple riders on a policy varies with each insurance company, but it can be significant.

One final way to get motorcycle insurance discounts is to use a company that would also insure automobiles. Like the multiple rider discount, using the same insurance company to insure a car or even a boat, can result in significant savings each year.

A company representative can quickly give potential clients an idea of just what discounts are available for their motorcycle insurance. It's also important to shop around online to find the best quotes available before deciding on a company.

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