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Nuances of Motorcycle Insurance In New Jersey


New Jersey, the Garden State, has lots of scenic diversity and is a great place for motorcycle enthusiasts. However, motorcycle riders are quite prone to accidents, and motorcycle theft is quite common too. So, if you have a motorcycle but do not have insurance, it is time for you to call some of the insurance companies and get a motorcycle insurance quote. Motorcycle insurance in New Jersey is required by law. Riding a motorcycle without insurance could result in heavy fines.

For getting motorcycle insurance in New Jersey you could contact any of the insurance companies and request a motorcycle insurance quote. In this state, when you purchase a motor vehicle insurance policy it includes a motorcycle insurance policy as well. When you get motorcycle insurance, it will cover liabilities for injuries to yourself or your passenger. It will also cover injures or damages caused to other people or property. In addition to these, motorcycle insurance in New Jersey will also cover your medical expenses, which could include the transportation used for taking you to the hospital, and any type of physical rehabilitation that might be required. If required, you can also get optional insurance for towing and roadside assistance coverage. This can come in quite handy if you are in an unknown location, especially useful for bikers.

The minimum requirement for motorcycle insurance in New Jersey is that you carry at least $15,000 in coverage for bodily injuries or death to a single person in one accident, and at least $30,000 in coverage for bodily injuries or death to more than one person in one accident. For property damage in any one accident, the coverage must be at least $5,000. If you do not maintain this amount of coverage you are liable for penalties. The penalties can include a fine of $300 for the first offense, suspended license for a year and community service. For the second offense, the fine is $500, suspended license for two years, fourteen days in jail and thirty days of community service.

There are several factors that determine the rates and premiums for motorcycle insurance in New Jersey. These include, the policyholder's driving safety record, the number of miles the policyholder rides each year and the years the policyholder has had a license.

According to state law, Motorcyclists in New Jersey law are required to wear helmets and carry liability insurance. This not only protects the rider, but also others involved in accidents. Check with several insurance companies for motorcycle insurance quotes get motorcycle insurance to protect yourself and others. Ride safely and invest wisely.

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