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Motorcycle Safety Inspections And How They Influence Insurance Rates


One of the most beloved American icons is the motorcycle, and the country has many highways, byways, and deserted country roads that are the perfect environment for bike enthusiasts and casual riders alike. Sadly, owing a motorcycle is not simply speed, windblown hair and the thrill of road - all of the little details such as safety, insurance and maintenance must be taken care of in order to make sure that both bike and rider are protected. For those seeking coverage for a new bike, or looking to switch to a new provider, it is often disheartening to discover that motorcycle insurance rates are at some of the highest levels they have been in recent memory. Although this can be discouraging, there are ways to help mitigate the cost of motorcycle insurance, and one of those is by making sure that your bike is as safe as possible.

Insurance companies operate on a risk basis. The greater the risk you and your vehicle represent to them, the higher your premiums will be. "Risk" in this case simply means the chance that you will be in an accident and make a claim against your insurance policy. This risk is assessed using not only your driving record, but driving patterns in your area, coupled with the type of car you drive. This is one major reason why motorcycles are often more expensive to insure. Even well-trained and safe drivers can be seriously injured or die in a crash that is caused by another careless individual.

But while you cannot change the mind of the company about the safety of bikes on the road, you can ensure that your bike is as safe as possible before taking it out for a ride. Thorough motorcycle safety inspections can help to not only give peace of mind to the rider, but persuade your provider that their motorcycle insurance rates for your policy should be more reasonable.

Seasonal motorcycle safety inspections are a good way to help keep your premiums as low as possible. Since most bikes spend the winter stored away, having a licensed and certified mechanic examine and certify the bike each spring can go a long way to making sure that your premiums do not increase. While the insurance company may not lower them outright, a well-maintained motorcycle and well thought out maintenance plan including regular safety inspections, demonstrates a commitment to safety on and off the road. Similarly, storing the bike in a safe place and making sure you have correct protective gear can also be of benefit.

In short, anything done to increase the overall safety of the bike and rider will go a long way to keeping insurance rates reasonable.

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