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Let's face it; riding a motorcycle is just plain cool. Whether you ride a cruiser, sport bike or a full dress model, riding a motorcycle is more than just sitting on your bike and cruising. Riding a motorcycle is about looking and even acting the part. Fortunately for motorcycle enthusiasts, part of looking the part involves safety. Most every motorcycle rider has heard the phrase "dress for the slide, not the ride". In the motorcycle community, truer words may have never been spoken.

The basics of motorcycle safety have not changed much over the years: ride defensively, don't drink and ride and wear proper safety attire. Fortunately, with new advancements in motorcycle safety gear, you can be safe and look good at the same time. Some of the basics of wearing motorcycle safety gear include:

Protect your head. Whether you call it a skid lid or a brain bucket, the motorcycle helmet is possibly the most important piece of motorcycle safety gear you will own. Even at slower speeds, a fall from your motorcycle can be disastrous. And while DOT approved motorcycle helmets are not required in every state, they could still save your life. When buying a motorcycle helmet, look for a DOT approved model that protects your entire head, including your face, and not just the top of it.

Protect your body. A fall from your motorcycle,even at a few miles an hour can wreak havoc on your body. From simple road rash to burns and even broken bones, wearing proper motorcycle safety gear for your body, such as leather jackets and leather chaps can save you not only your outer layer of skin but also costly trips to the emergency room. Some companies even make lightweight clothing designed specifically for hotter weather so you don't have to worry about sweating to death on those hot summer days.

Protect your feet. Have you ever seen those old school bikers cruising down the road wearing tennis shoes? The answer is no. This is because they know that a proper pair of heavy riding boots offer more than just protection from crashes. A good pair of boots will also help you grip the motorcycle while riding and help you while shifting.

Protect your hands. Often overlooked, but as important as any other piece of motorcycle safety gear is a good pair of riding gloves. In the unfortunate event you were to fall off your motorcycle, a pair of leather riding gloves will help protect your hands from scrapes and painful burns if you were to touch the pipes of the motorcycle.

No matter what or where you ride, motorcycle safety, including wearing proper safety gear, should be a top priority. Your motorcycle insurance company will appreciate this too. Insurance companies, like the ones you can find through, will often offer safe rider discounts for motorcycle riders who wear motorcycle safety gear and attend courses. Fill out our questionnaire today and let find you multiple low-cost quotes and see if your motorcycle safety gear will help you save today.

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